Self-Assessment: Is Isolation Affecting Me?

Connecting with others is something that improves our quality of life. Complete the self-assessment below and we’ll help you understand how connected you are and provide you with helpful resources.

  1. I live alone.

  2. I see or talk to my family members one or more times per week.

  3. I see or talk to my friends one or more times per week.

  4. I provide daily care or support to a family member or friend who needs assistance with everyday tasks (such as preparing meals,providing transportation, and grocery shopping).

  5. I almost always have a ride or the transportation
    I need to get where I want to go.

  6. It is difficult or impossible to leave my home without assistance.

  7. I feel that I make a meaningful contribution to the world or people around me.

  8. On a weekly basis I participate in social activities or attend organized groups, such as choirs, support groups, cultural performances, group meals, exercise classes, etc.

  9. I often feel that I lack companionship.

  10. I often feel left out.

  11. If I had a problem and needed help or advice, I know someone I could rely on.

  12. If I had good news or an interesting story to tell, I know someone I could tell.

  13. Within the past year I have suffered a major loss or change, like the death of a loved one or retirement.

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This questionnaire is intended for informal risk assessment purposes only. We have simplified and combined the best research-validated screening questions available at this time, but this tool itself has not been scientifically validated. We welcome your feedback and questions on this or any other element of Connect2Affect via