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AARP Foundation and Aunt Bertha have launched voice-assisted search for local social services to be used by seniors in affordable housing communities in Northwest Baltimore.

This survey examines social connections, improving our understanding of loneliness and how it relates to social isolation. ­ The study measures loneliness across demographic groups and explores the relationship between loneliness and life experiences, social connections, health, and technology.

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Fixing Broken Connections Can Help People Thrive

The Heart of the Matter

Love may be in the air on Valentine’s Day, but just how you feel about the holiday can depend on your age and whether you’re in a relationship.


AARP Foundation survey shows that many people associate the holidays with warm feelings of love and joy. But for others, it can be a lonely, difficult time.

One-third of Americans who don’t drive and many others who lack access to a working vehicle, transportation options don’t come easy—especially in rural America, where transportation has long been a seemingly intractable problem. The technology revolution is showing potential to help solve that problem and enable more Americans to take part in the economic and social lives of their communities.