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Use this infographic to learn about the 2014 United States of Aging Survey socially isolated senior findings.

The results suggested that people suffering from social isolation may be more prone to inflammation and less able to fight viral infections—which could be one reason why lonely elderly people are more susceptible to illnesses ranging from the common cold to dementia, and why they have higher mortality rates than their peers.

A recent survey of adults age 18 and older confirms that connections to friends and family are especially cherished during the holidays — and spending quality time with a loved one is more valuable than any gift. Download the infographic here.

The charity Campaign to End Loneliness says that one million of us are already suffering from acute loneliness, while two and a half million over 60s fear they could end up similarly isolated.

Participants in the study sing in a choir for one year and complete several health assessments to measure their balance, memory, coordination, and mental well-being. The researchers will also interview the singers about the benefits—and any challenges—of singing in a choir.