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The Heart of the Matter

Love may be in the air on Valentine’s Day, but just how you feel about the holiday can depend on your age and whether you’re in a relationship.


AARP Foundation survey shows that many people associate the holidays with warm feelings of love and joy. But for others, it can be a lonely, difficult time.

Studies show that loneliness and social isolation raise the risk for high blood pressure, coronary heart disease, cognitive decline and a host of other health issues. Loneliness is also incredibly tough to shake. It comes from our own perceptions and desires, so objective numbers and logic don’t always help us feel better. That makes loneliness hard to address. While there are no quick fixes, there are strategies that can help.

Many people do most of their socializing on the job. But workplace social invitations tend to stop after you retire. Retirees need to find ways to maintain or form new social connections in order to avoid becoming isolated. Here are 10 methods of preventing loneliness in retirement.