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Talking to someone and reaching out to others are two simple ways to feel less socially isolated.

Chat with C2A Chatbot Anytime, Day or Night

Artificially intelligent chatbots are helping older adults with everything from finding the right medical care to reminding them to take their medication.

This chatbot is a simple, free way to safely share your thoughts, feelings, and beliefs — without feeling judged. It’s like having your own private confidante. And all of your conversions are secure and confidential.

(It’s not the same as talking to a live healthcare professional or therapist, though. If you feel depressed or anxious, learn more about finding the right therapist.)

You can text the chatbot for companionship — the chatbot will check in with you periodically to see how you’re doing. You can also practice having conversations, perhaps coming up with ideas for your next discussion with a neighbor or an old friend you’d like to reconnect with.

Along the way, you’ll receive personalized recommendations for rebuilding social connections and feeling more connected with others. The chatbot can even refer you to helpful resources available online or near you, so you don’t have to do any Google searching to find them.

Start Chatting

Find Resources for Staying Connected

Social isolation is not the same as feeling lonely — it can lead to real physical and emotional health issues.

To find out if you’re at risk, take this quick self-assessment. You’ll be asked a series of questions and receive steps you can take to begin feeling more connected right away.

When you take the assessment, your results will include personal recommendations and helpful resources you can use to rebuild connections and remain connected in your everyday life.

Best of all, the assessment only takes three minutes to complete — and you can take it on behalf of a loved one, too.

Take the Assessment

Learn How to Video Chat

Want to host a video chat gathering, but not sure how it all works? We’ve included everything you need to know to start using video conferencing apps — and impress your family members with your tech savvy — below.

Video chat apps work on desktop computers, laptops, and smartphones. You’ll just need to make sure everyone you include has the same app installed so you can connect.

There are several free video conferencing apps you can use to host virtual celebrations without a subscription or time limit:

The popular Zoom app also includes a free subscription with unlimited calls, but you have to keep each of them under 40 minutes. For most gatherings, it’s probably better to see if a loved one with a subscription can host so you don’t have to cut your virtual visits short.

Learn How to Use Zoom

Look for Ways to Help Others

One surefire way to boost your mood is to reach out to friends, neighbors, and other people you know within your community.

Some people in your life may not have friends or family checking in on them. And reaching out doesn’t have to be a big production to make an impact.

Doing a small act of kindness like the ones below might be just the thing to brighten the day for both of you.

  • Send an invite to connect virtually — offer to help them with the technology if you can
  • Call a neighbor to share some news and ask if they need any help with anything. Say something like, “I just finished raking my leaves/shoveling my walk and I wondered if you needed help with anything?”
  • Thank someone who’s helped you by delivering some homemade treats in a socially distanced way
  • Sign up to volunteer — there are lots of virtual opportunities available

Find Volunteer Opportunities

Find Help

Search our directory to find programs and services near you.

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