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Connect2 Family & Friends This Holiday Season

Your Holiday Connection Plan

Whether you’ve been feeling isolated for a while now or more recently because of transitions in your life, do something important for your well-being by making a plan to stay connected this holiday season.

Practicing your conversation starters and video chat skills ahead of time can help you feel less stressed about connecting.

The suggestions we’ve outlined here can help you feel more connected as you spread some holiday cheer this holiday season.

Make Things Festive at Home

  • Put up seasonal decor for your own enjoyment.
  • Let someone know you’re thinking of them — print and send a holiday care card with an invitation to connect virtually (more on virtual events below).
  • Text someone the view from your window (or a pet picture) and ask them to do the same.
  • Call someone you won’t see in person and schedule a time to chat during the holiday’s big moment or special tradition.
  • Thank someone who’s helped you (postal workers worked extra hard this year) with some homemade treats.
  • Make your New Year’s resolution to connect more and invite someone to a virtual meetup.

Connect over video chat

It may take some practice to get comfortable with video chat tools, but seeing everyone’s faces on screen will be worth the effort.

Video chat apps work on desktop computers, laptops, and smartphones. You’ll just need to make sure everyone you include has the same app installed so you can connect.

To host virtual celebrations, try one of these free video apps:

Start Conversations and Keep Them Going

It’s also a good idea to know some easy conversation starters and practice your active listening skills when interacting with people, holiday time or not. Read up on how to talk with younger generations or learn some fun icebreakers for groups; it can help you feel more at ease when you attend an in-person or virtual holiday gathering.

Look for ways to help others

One surefire way to boost your mood this time of year is to reach out to others within your community, especially those who may not have someone checking in on them.

Even a small act of kindness will go a long way. Delivering homemade baked goods to a friend might be just the thing to brighten the holidays for both of you.

Sign Up to Be a Volunteer

Research shows that volunteers experience an improved sense of well-being, purpose, and fulfillment — not to mention lower stress levels.

Listening to others can help you feel more connected while spending more time at home this season. Consider volunteering to talk to people who need support through AARP Friendly Voices (phone) or (text). If that’s not your cup of tea, there are all sorts of opportunities available to match your skills and interests — search by keyword or ZIP code to find one here that’s right for you.

Find More Resources for Building Social Connections

If you suspect someone in your life is feeling isolated and may need help reaching out to others, you can take the three-minute Isolation Assessment on their behalf to find resources that can help.

There are plenty of ways to stay connected while celebrating safely this holiday season. How will you reach out to others? Let us know at [email protected].

How to Host a Fun Virtual Holiday Event

Just like hosting holiday festivities in your home, hosting a virtual event requires preparation to run smoothly.

  • Step 1

    Share a detailed plan with your guests. In your email invitation, include the video chat link, the start and end time, and an outline of the event. Don’t forget to include any special instructions or login information for the planned activity. Plan extra time for possible technical difficulties.

  • Step 2

    Practice with an event run-through. Set up some time for a trial run with one of your guests. If your guest isn’t good with tech, you can show them the ropes. If you’re the one who needs pointers, make sure you meet with someone who knows more than you do. Test how you will connect to any virtual activities you are planning online.

  • Step 3

    Set up your hosting station ahead of time. Figure out where you’ll be the most comfortable for your virtual event. Determine which room has the best lighting so everyone will be able to see you. Pick a designated spot for your screen so you don’t have to move around once the gathering begins. Finally, make sure your device’s battery is fully charged (or plugged in) before you begin.

Now that you have some virtual event know-how, you might get inspired to make hosting online gatherings a weekly event once the holidays are over.

Online Event Ideas

Whatever holiday you’re celebrating, there are lots of ways to make the season feel special from a distance.

There’s no end to the creative ways to celebrate, and you just may end up starting — or continuing — a new holiday tradition.

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